It’s Fun and Games Until You Fall Over

I fell over at running club recently. Only my second ever running fall but the first with an audience (12 other people, oh the embarrassment) and the first to do some actual damage.

Swollen bruised knees. Grazes on my elbow, shoulder and legs. A bruised shoulder and hip. Plus cuts on my hand. Very painful. It had to be when I was wearing a brand new pair of running tights, which now have ripped knees.

My first running fall is quite an embarassing one. For starters I was running up hill. Who falls over running uphill? I managed to fall over going up hill by missing the kerb whilst on a narrow bit of pavement. Not much harm done though apart from a grazed leg and ripped running tights.

This time though was a proper fall.

I was on a Tuesday night run with my club, back at the faster group for the first time since my marathon. We were on a route which was largely trail and lanes. Having done all the off road bits, we were heading back down some farm lanes towards the end. Next thing I know I’m hitting the ground. I think I caught my foot on a stone or maybe it was just the very uneven potholed road to blame.

I’m glad everyone in my running group was lovely about it. I was in the middle of the pack so those behind me shouted to call the front runners back. We regrouped and I felt able to carry on. Thankfully I wasn’t far from home so managed the last couple of miles whilst trying to laugh the incident off. In fact I ran my fasted mile of the night after that which I supposed is the adrenaline kicking in.  Then I hobbled home to use a lot of antiseptic wipes to clean off all the mud and dirt, another one of the joys of falling over off road running.

After a week of hobbling round and showing my wounds to everyone I’m back running again, although I’m watching more carefully where I put my feet.

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