Mossley To Marsden: Running The Long Way Round

It’s been a double running weekend this weekend which is unusal for me but I’ve wanted to do this run for a while. As it has been dry recently I thought it was the ideal time to tackle some of the Pennine Way which has a reputation for being wet and boggy a lot of the time.


Following the Pennine Way!

A hot and humid day with a couple of very welcome rain showers. Hard going in the heat, especially on the uphill sections but excellent views always make the climbs worth it.  The Pennine Way was fun to run along. I always enjoy bounding past walkers and leaping through mud and picking my way across rocky terrain.

The Route


Followed the Huddersfield Narrow Canal from Mossley to Uppermill, then up a VERY steep lane to Dobcross. From there it was all along lovely undulating lanes and tracks all the way to Standedge. The final climb from Standedge Foot Road up to the Pennine Way was the toughest climb of the day.  A few steep hills to get up on the way but then once up at Standege it was time to enjoy the lovely Pennine Way paths.


Looking back towards Saddleworth from Standedge.

From Standege we could have followed the direct route to Marsden following the Pennine Way to South but instead took a detour along the Pennine Way northwards up to the A640 and then looped back along paths into Marsden. A lot of the route was new territory for me so the pace was slow and steady with a few stops for phoros.


Goodbye Pennine Way. Off to Marsden via Close Gate Bridge

Pennine Way running was wonderful. It may have a reputation for being a horrible boggy experience but where the paths are in excellent condition it makes for good running.

Another time I’d like to carry on along the Pennine Way, all the way to Hebden Bridge! This time though the perfect end was a refreshing pint and crisps at the Riverhead in Marsden.


I’m a pro when it comes to sports nutrition…


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