Mossley 10k 2016

Race: Mossley 10k
Location: Mossley, Greater Manchester
Date: Sunday 17th June 2016
Finish Time: 00:57:41

It’s been over a week since the Mossley 10k and this post has been sitting neglected in my drafts folder because I’ve been so busy having a good time running.

The first great thing about this run was the fact it passes very close to my house, and my journey to the start line was a nice gentle jog down the road. None of the usual stresses about traffic, public transport delays or finding somewhere to park.  Less great was the hot and humid conditions. I really don’t like summer running so this was a challenge.



The course is all road apart from the start and finish which is on the pitch at Mossley football club! The course is undulating, with a couple of painful hills, round here it could be a lot worse. The start is the downhill section though so it starts off fast.  A nice fairly flat last couple of km’s for a good fast finish.


Everyone charges off extremely fast down the hill and its a challenge not to get caught up in it all. I am always fearful of starting too fast and burning out. I felt like I had gone out too fast on this one, and had to stop for a tiny walk break at the 5k water station to catch my breath and walk out a stitch.  I managed to pick up the pace towards the end and finished with a 9.40 min mile and then a 8.58 min mile. I had ambitiously set my Garmin to beep at me if I went slower than 9 min miles. Definitely ambitious given the hot sunny day.

I ran the Mossley 10k last year in 00:58:41 so this year was exactly 1 minute faster. If I’m honest I was secretly hoping to be faster than that but I’d had a couple of weeks of rubbish running in the lead up to the race, so I’ll take that time happily.

Finally the medals were fab this year as they came with little stickers to add your own finish time. I’ve never seen that before and didn’t actually realise it until someone else pointed it out.



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