Going off road: Alphin Pike

This weekend I ran (walked/crawled!) up my local big hill Alphin Pike.  I don’t know the exact details but Strava tells me I reached 1521ft, starting at about 480ft, which makes this little adventure a contender for the highest point reach on a run for me.

The climbing was lung bursting. For the climbing  I alternated walking and running, with running being almost impossible on some of the more erroded bits of path. I admit I stopped for a sit down on a stile halfway up in an attempt to get my breath back.

What I enjoyed most about this run was the feeling of freedom. I didn’t bother switching my Garmin on and not having to worry about pace or timings was liberating. This was the most challenging, and longest off road run I have done on my own too. Normally if I’m out on my own the off road bits tend to be smaller hills, less challenging terrain. But I survived and I loved it. Just don’t tell my Dad I went running up wild hills on my own or I’ll get a telling off.

Once I reached the trig point I felt really great so decided to run along some of the paths up on the moorland before the fun of the descent.  I’m definitely getting the off road bug and a love for challenging hills.

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