(Wo)Man V Barge

Race: (Wo)Man V Barge
Location: Marsden to Diggle
Date: Saturday 13th August 2016
Finish Time: 00:51:05


The race started at the entrance to the Standege canal tunnel in Marsden and finished at the other tunnel entrance over in Diggle. A boat went through the tunnel and we all ran over the hills. There was the option to just do one way, go there and back or do a three leg run. I chose to just do one but really push myself to go as fast as I could. I had a wedding party to go to later on and didn’t want to risk being out in the hills all day.

One of the toughest races I’ve ever done but also one of the most fun.  It was tough due to the terrain and the long climb. It was all up hill for almost 3 miles and then downhill for the last part. The first mile of the route was through long wet grass and lots of mud which was tough going, with lots of slipping about all over the place. Quite a few stiles to climb over in this section to which meant bottlenecks and queues but I was glad of the chance to get my breath back.

We were treated to an opportunity to gain some speed along some farm lanes, and a nice fairly flat section along a dirt lane. Then it was up on the moors, including a muddy section of the Pennine Way, but atleast it there were no horrible boggy bits. The wind was quite strong on the tops and we were running into it, throw in the odd rain shower for good measure too. Putting suncream on was definitely a mistake, the rain washed it into my eyes.

I really struggled along the Pennine Way, so stopped for a short walk and a square of chocolate covered kendal mint cake for much needed energy. Then I told myself to just keep pushing on as the downhill would soon arrive.


A photo taken on the Pennine Way (taken from our running club Facebook group)

The downhill was fun! All on paths, but very rocky uneven paths, so the whole way down I was repeating to myself ‘don’t fall over, don’t fall over’. I made it down and finished in 51:05 which I am very proud of. I was actually the first female from my club to finish although most of them were doing more than one leg of the race.  At the end we were rewarded with a beer, from a very fine selection of bottles. Followed by free chip butties at a local pub where I chatted with other runners whilst waiting for my partner to finish running all 3 legs.


Photo thanks to Louise Luna Galvin

It was a very friendly race. Lots of chatting with runners before and after the race, in particular the big group from Knowsley Harriers who had come over for a running day out. You don’t often get chance to chat with other runners at races as everyone sticks with thier club groups, so that was an added bonus to a fun day of running.


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