A Pain in the Foot

I’m out injured. I am suffering from metatarsalgia. Not sure of the cause but probably long distance road running in old worn out running shoes. After my half marathon the ball of my foot was very painful. Particularly after a long day at work on my feet. It went away so I thought all was well so I ran at the weekend.

I’ve learnt that 10 miles trail/fell running is not a wise idea when you have been suffering from a sore foot. Too many pointy stones to upset my foot. Running on wet boggy moorland is good for painful feet so it wasn’t too noticable until I got back on the road. Once I got back on a hard surface however I was struggling to continue through the pain.

I did a tentative run last night in my new Brooks Adrenalines. The joy of lovely new cushion shoes! It was a treat for my feet. My foot still felt uncomfortable though but not overly painful.

So I’m forcing myself to be sensible and resting. The rational part of my brain knows resting won’t undo all my training this year. I only have one more half marathon coming up soon and I know I can run it. Yet I feel guilty for not running. I feel annoyed that I’m not training. Disappointed with myself for not making the most of the last week of light in the evenings for running club.

I just want to go out running.

Having an injury is mentally painful as well as physically painful.



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