Happy 2017! I don’t like making new years resolutions and I’ve never been one for setting goals down on paper then sticking to them. However I have been reflecting on what I want from my running and walking over the next year. In recent years I’ve set myself challenges. 2014 was the year of my first half marathon (and then two more). In 2015 I challenged myself to do more, so ran 4 half marathons. 2016 was a really good year in terms of new achievements and pushing myself with my first half marathon and some big mountain walks. I’d like that momentum to continue.

I spotted the #7challenges2017 hashtag on a couple of blogs and Twitter. 7 challenges feels like a good number for me so here are mine for 2017

Complete My Three Peaks

Last year I climbed Scafell Pike and Snowdon. This year I will get to the top of Ben Nevis. There probably won’t be a view but I will complete my three peaks.

Get Up for ParkRun

I’ve been trying to get to ParkRun when back home visiting family. I love the ethos of ParkRun and it’s where I first started pushing myself further back in 2012 after a long period not running due to a broken toe. This year I will try to get my local ParkRun. Even it means early starts on a Saturday to run there.

Another Marathon

Even though I said I would never run another marathon, shortly after finishing my first, this year I will run another.  I stayed up on New Years Eve to get a place in the Snowdonia Marathon. October will bring an attempt at very tough marathon up and down the hills of Snowdonia. I could have picked a marathon that would provide an opportunity for a fast time and a chance of beating my time from Liverpool. Instead my love for the mountain scenery of Wales won. Bring on the hills!

Be Braver Off-Road

I’ve done a fair bit of trail running this year, venturing up local hills and on to the moors. I have long way to go before I’m brave enough for a proper fell race but I surprised myself by enjoying some local off-road races last year.  This year I want to improve my confidence and technique. I want to get better at surviving the uphill without stopping to hyperventilate, be less fearful of falling in bogs and learn to pick my feet up over rocky terrain.

Run Up a Mountain

This was on my wish list for this year but time and injuries got in the way. I want to challenge myself to do something hard, without being in a race or similar situation. Just to say that I did it. Skiddaw is my target and I will run/walk/crawl my way to the top before 2017 is over.

Multi-Day Race

I was considering committing to an ultramarathon this year. But instead my new thing will be a multi-day event. I have actually already signed up for two multi-day running events; Tour of Tameside in June and Wirral Whistle Stop Tour in September.  Tour of Tameside is 4 races over 4 days and Wirral is 3 over 3, both including a mix of road and trail and half marathons.

Be More Consistent

A less adventurous challenge but still an important one. I’m going to try to be more consistent with my running. I’ve just finished reading Swim Bike Run by the Brownlee’s and consistency is the important message I’ve taken from the book. I can be rubbish at sticking to routines and so in 2017 I’d like to be better at doing my stretches and getting to running club on a regular basis.

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