Kinder Scout

We had snow at the end of last week. Not much, and not really proper snow. It was wet snow that quickly turned into horrible slushy ice. So running wasn’t going to happen on Friday or Saturday. Instead we decided to take the train out to the Peak District and walk up Kinder Scout. We got a train from Manchester to New Mills and then walked to Hayfield to start the proper walk. The snow out in the Peak District did not disappoint.


Winter conditions in the Peak District


Approaching Kinder

I underestimated the challenge of actually climbing Kinder in winter conditions. We wanted a short walk so ascended via Kinderlow End. Which is actually quite steep, and a challenge when the path is covered in snow and ice. I will admit to getting into a panic and not believing I could get up the steep ice-covered rock steps. A lovely man on his way down gave me some words of encouragement and I made it to the top. The views were definitely worth the momentary tears.


It was bitterly cold but I had worn enough layers to keep the worst of the wind chill effect at bay. The only regret was bringing the wrong gloves. I had a glove mishap on the Friday night and accidentally left one outside in the snow all night. So in a panic before leaving the house of Saturday, I grabbed the first gloves I could find. Turns out my running gloves are no match for the freezing temperatures of Kinder in January.


The snow on Kinder was proper deep snow. Despite my lack of confidence with my winter skills, snowy Kinder is my favourite Kinder. Snow and frozen ground means you can happily march along without fear of getting trapped in a peat bog.


Making my way through the snow drifts

We descended down a much nicer route, and followed the bridle path back to Hayfield. The walk was only 7.5 miles (plus 3 from New Mills to Hayfield) but I felt I had definitely earned a pint and pub food.

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