In need of some iron

I’m officially suffering from anemia and it is rubbish.

Running has not been going well recently. I’ve felt slow and tired ever since my half marathon in January, at first I put it down to winter and running a hard race, then I put it down to losing fitness due to injury. However after feeling out of breath the whole way round parkrun last month, I started to think that perhaps I needed to get checked out.

A blood test later and the results are in. Low iron stores. So now I’ve started taking iron tablets and the doctor has ordered me to rest (just don’t tell him I went up a big Scottish mountain last week). Not that I feel like running anyway. Being anemic is one thing and the side effects of the tablets is another. Hello nausea. It’s lazy evenings watching tv for me this week.

Hopefully the iron tablets will take effect soon and I’ll be gaining PBs all over the place.  Fingers crossed.

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