Hills, Hills and More Hills.

As I’m running Snowdonia for my marathon race this year I’ve started to step up the hill training. A lovely email popped up in my inbox…


24 weeks until the Snowdonia Marathon. I guess that is now 23 weeks so I should probably start to get my mind focused on marathon training.  Right now though I’m not in the mood for training plans or hitting targets or any of that. I just want running to be fun and to do whatever I feel like doing, whether that be trails or fells or even a bit of road.

So for the moment I’m just going to focus on running hills. Lots of hills.

Hills are tough. Running up hills results in legs of jelly and lungs at bursting point. However the feeling once you reach the top is awesome.  Going up hill is a tough mental and physical battle, but for me cresting over that hill feels fantastic.  Especially if there is a good view. Everyone should enjoy a good view.

My most recent runs are below. All quite hilly, as evidenced by the hill profiles.

We did a bank holiday run up Shuttlingsloe near Maccessfield which was a killer but worth it for the views. I finally ran up the big hill I can see from my office window everyday at work and I had a wonderful Sunday plod up and down the hilly moorland paths above Marsden.

I’m aware that my approach to hill training is currently a bit one-dimensional and so next time someone suggests hill reps or a hill pyramid session for my running group, I will actually turn up.  Finding interesting looking hills and then running up them seems to be doing me some good and improving my running.

Bring on the views from the top of the hills!

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