Missing the Mountains

There is currently a serious lack of mountain adventures in my life.

It is June already and I’ve hardly been on any trips away – only the big trip to Mull in March where I climbed Ben More – and I’m definitely missing the mountains

Various things have got in the way of trips away this year. My significant person started a new job so hasn’t been able to take as much time off, my job has become super stressful and busy so it is more difficult to take time off at the last minute (crucial if you want to do stuff when the weather is nice, rather than booking time off well in advance and keeping your fingers crossed!). Plus we are trying to move house which has meant not wanting to go away in order to deal with viewings, estate agents, solictiors and all that stress.

The tent is still to get an outing this year which was not the intention when we upgraded to bigger, better tent last year. So the second half of the year had better feature plenty of camping trips! Even if we have to just go off into the Yorkshire Dales after work one night.

There is nothing worse than knowing you have to go to work on a beautiful sunny day, when wanting to be out in the mountains, but new houses don’t pay for themselves. Fingers crossed for a good window of weather and chance for time off work – at the same time. Definitely do not want to waste all my annual leave on rainy days.

For now I’ll just have to look at all the photos from last year…



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