Snowdonia Marathon Eryri: Those hills hurt (part 2)

Race: Snowdonia Marathon
Location: Llanberis, Snowdonia
Distance: The big 26.2 miles
Time: 05:04:07

Read part 1 of the Snowdonia Mararthon write up here

Miles 14-20

This is where it starts to get really really tough.  Looking back at Strava miles 14 and 15 were actually one big hill. I powered on up and resisted the nagging temptation to just walk. Along this section of the race I wanted to see a steam train. The Welsh Highland Railway passes alongside the road but being a train nerd I had checked the timetables in advance and knew there wasn’t one due. A steam train would have been a nice boost along this quiet section.  Mile 18 has always been a big milestone marker in my mind in  the build up to race, as reaching 18 miles within 4 hours was the official cut off for this race.  A month ago this seemed to be a worrying target but I made it with lots of time to spare.

Miles 21-26

Everything hurt now and it is time for the final hill and the toughest climb of the day. I started walking at 22 miles and I’m not ashamed to admit I didn’t attempt any running for two miles. The hill was tough. Starting at about 415ft and reaching 1230ft over a couple of miles. The cloud was down. Everyone was walking. I took the opportunity (also actually had some 3G!) to check the race tracker and text people to let them know where I was up to.  I heard the steam train down the valley and got very excited resulting in telling fellow runners all about the steam trains. The sight of the feed station at Mile 24 was wonderful, with a Halloween theme fitting the atmospheric surroundings. Big thanks to all the feed stations but especially those brave souls in the middle of nowhere up there.

We reached the highest point of the race at mile 24.5, so not far to go however Llanberis is a long way down in the valley.  Descending nearly 900ft in less than 2 miles at the end of a marathon is actually just as tough as the hill climbs. Especially when it is off road and all the grass has been churned up by the thousand faster runners who have already finished. I normally enjoy a fast off road hill descent but not this one.

The Finish

The finish line for Snowdonia is amazing. The race ends on Llanberis High Street and the crowds were amazing. As a slow finisher, you expect a lot of people to have gone home or to the pub, but not here. It was amazing running down the finish with everyone shouting my name. Then I got a foil blanket which was exciting as I’ve always wanted to run a race where they give these out.

The Aftermath

Wandered round it a daze. Went to collect my bag and sat down in a corridor then couldn’t get up again. Warm clothes on and to the pub for a much-needed drink. Nothing tastes better than a post race ale and some salt and vinegar crisps. We went out to cheer on some more runners then on the bus back to Caernarfon for some food. We managed to find the last free table in Weatherspoons (the only reliable place in town for vegetarian pub grub), which was packed with a mix of runners and locals out for Saturday night partying.  We were at the Travelodge in bed by about 8.30 with tea,

biscuits and in need of lots of sleep.  I didn’t sleep too well as my legs were aching however I actually felt good the next day and managed a 4 mile walk along the coast.




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