A Long Weekend in the Lake District

For my Dad’s 60th birthday at the end of September he decided he wanted a week away in the Lake District, and we were invited to join my parents for a long weekend in Windermere.

This trip is a great example of how accessible the Lake District is by public transport, especially if staying in Windermere itself. We set off from Huddersfield on the train at 4.30 in the afternoon and arrived in Windermere just before 7, changing trains twice along the way.  Advanced purchase tickets and a two together rail card made it cheap as well.

Old Man of Coniston

On the Saturday we decided on a family walk up the Old Man of Coniston. Well my Mum decided and I’m not sure everyone realised how big a walk it was going to be. As we were with the family we drove to Coniston for this walk. Whilst I love exploring the Lakes by public transport, and Coniston is completely accessible by bus, it was quite nice going in a car. It was little strange though, I’ve never been in a car in the Lakes before. It was certainly nice at the end of the day not to have to wait at a bus stop!


The walk was wonderful and we were VERY lucky with the weather.  Steep in places and tough on the legs. Not much peril, with no exposed edges or scrambling but it wouldn’t be a mountain walk for me if there weren’t a couple of moments of mild panic and fear.  The views were stunning from the top.


Walking up a mountain with the whole family was a very different experience for me. For starters there was a little picnic at the top. My Mum even made sandwiches! My brother brought a selfie stick so there was also a family portrait. Usually my mountain walks don’t include much time for hanging about at the top. As we were with my parents the pace was gentle and we took plenty of rest stops. I definitely want to do more family walks as it provided the perfect opportunity to spend time together away from the chaos and distractions of everyday life.

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