Running without a car

Sometimes I get a bit down about the fact I don’t have a car.

This is a topic I have been mulling over a lot recently. I know what you are thinking, of course you don’t need a car to go running. You just need to put on some running shoes and head out of your front door. Easy.  But what about all the times when a car is almost essential to being a runner.  In fact the only times I ever wish I could drive and had a car are usually running related.

This is a moaning post. In my head I’m stamping my feet and crying ‘it’s not fair’ because sometimes I feel a bit lonely and left out of being part of the running community where I live.

Not having a car is rubbish for running…

When you want to go to a running club.

When you want to go to parkrun which is miles away and public transport is at the wrong time.

When you want to go run a race that starts early on a Sunday morning.

When you want to go to a running club.

When your running club decides to go meet somewhere else for a change of scenery.

When your running friends start going to track nights but it is miles away with no public transport.

When you want to go do almost any race not in a city centre.

When you fancy being a parkrun tourist.

When you want to recce a race route.

When you feel really guilty about always being that person that needs a lift.

It is my own choice not to have a car or a driving licence (well the valid driving licence bit is partly down to being rubbish a driving lessons and running out of money). Most of the time it is fine. It doesn’t bother me. I just adapt. I never planned on moving out to a village where having a car is more limiting though. Always thought I would be a city dweller and never need a car for anything.

Not having a car means being more creative about how and when you run. It means being good at timing runs to far away places that fit with bus timetables. It means being good at carrying spare clothes and getting changed in pub toilets. It means running is less about club training, races, cross country season and track nights.

I still probably won’t ever learn to drive unless I really have to.

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