Do a recce?

Tonight I am asking Google how important it is to recce a race route. More specifically an ultra-marathon route. Do I really need to recce the route? How important is it? Does everyone do this for ultra marathons?

A quick Google search didn’t reveal much ultra specific advice. Some general race advice suggests it would help. Such as this wise advice from Pete Bland Sports:

“Recce it if you can. This means going out and actually checking the course, running it (or part of it) if you can. This way you will know what’s coming, removing some of the fear of the unknown.”

I keep intending to this. Obviously it would be sensible and probably make race day less stressful. Navigation would be less of an issue and I’d know what to expect.

My plan the weekend before last was originally to recce parts of the ultra route that I’m not already familiar with. But then I was off work sick and didn’t feel up to running the route. Then the following weekend I was away. Now it is nearly this weekend and I’ve still not attempted to recce the route. We have two weeks to go before the race so I suppose I won’t now.

Am I a fool for not making the effort to recce? By my logic, I’m reasoning with myself, that the unknown will make it more interesting on the day. 30 miles is a long way and I don’t want to get bored, or be weighed down by worries of what is to come. Perhaps not knowing what horror await will help. Or perhaps I will deeply regret it when I’m lost in a field somewhere near Huddersfield.

Do you always do a recce?

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