A Pain in the Foot

I’m out injured. I am suffering from metatarsalgia. Not sure of the cause but probably long distance road running in old worn out running shoes. After my half marathon the ball of my foot was very painful. Particularly after a long day at work on my feet. It went away so I thought all was well so I ran at the weekend.

I’ve learnt that 10 miles trail/fell running is not a wise idea when you have been suffering from a sore foot. Too many pointy stones to upset my foot. Running on wet boggy moorland is good for painful feet so it wasn’t too noticable until I got back on the road. Once I got back on a hard surface however I was struggling to continue through the pain.

I did a tentative run last night in my new Brooks Adrenalines. The joy of lovely new cushion shoes! It was a treat for my feet. My foot still felt uncomfortable though but not overly painful.

So I’m forcing myself to be sensible and resting. The rational part of my brain knows resting won’t undo all my training this year. I only have one more half marathon coming up soon and I know I can run it. Yet I feel guilty for not running. I feel annoyed that I’m not training. Disappointed with myself for not making the most of the last week of light in the evenings for running club.

I just want to go out running.

Having an injury is mentally painful as well as physically painful.



Mossley To Marsden: Running The Long Way Round

It’s been a double running weekend this weekend which is unusal for me but I’ve wanted to do this run for a while. As it has been dry recently I thought it was the ideal time to tackle some of the Pennine Way which has a reputation for being wet and boggy a lot of the time.


Following the Pennine Way!

A hot and humid day with a couple of very welcome rain showers. Hard going in the heat, especially on the uphill sections but excellent views always make the climbs worth it.  The Pennine Way was fun to run along. I always enjoy bounding past walkers and leaping through mud and picking my way across rocky terrain.

The Route


Followed the Huddersfield Narrow Canal from Mossley to Uppermill, then up a VERY steep lane to Dobcross. From there it was all along lovely undulating lanes and tracks all the way to Standedge. The final climb from Standedge Foot Road up to the Pennine Way was the toughest climb of the day.  A few steep hills to get up on the way but then once up at Standege it was time to enjoy the lovely Pennine Way paths.


Looking back towards Saddleworth from Standedge.

From Standege we could have followed the direct route to Marsden following the Pennine Way to South but instead took a detour along the Pennine Way northwards up to the A640 and then looped back along paths into Marsden. A lot of the route was new territory for me so the pace was slow and steady with a few stops for phoros.


Goodbye Pennine Way. Off to Marsden via Close Gate Bridge

Pennine Way running was wonderful. It may have a reputation for being a horrible boggy experience but where the paths are in excellent condition it makes for good running.

Another time I’d like to carry on along the Pennine Way, all the way to Hebden Bridge! This time though the perfect end was a refreshing pint and crisps at the Riverhead in Marsden.


I’m a pro when it comes to sports nutrition…


It’s Fun and Games Until You Fall Over

I fell over at running club recently. Only my second ever running fall but the first with an audience (12 other people, oh the embarrassment) and the first to do some actual damage.

Swollen bruised knees. Grazes on my elbow, shoulder and legs. A bruised shoulder and hip. Plus cuts on my hand. Very painful. It had to be when I was wearing a brand new pair of running tights, which now have ripped knees.

My first running fall is quite an embarassing one. For starters I was running up hill. Who falls over running uphill? I managed to fall over going up hill by missing the kerb whilst on a narrow bit of pavement. Not much harm done though apart from a grazed leg and ripped running tights.

This time though was a proper fall.

I was on a Tuesday night run with my club, back at the faster group for the first time since my marathon. We were on a route which was largely trail and lanes. Having done all the off road bits, we were heading back down some farm lanes towards the end. Next thing I know I’m hitting the ground. I think I caught my foot on a stone or maybe it was just the very uneven potholed road to blame.

I’m glad everyone in my running group was lovely about it. I was in the middle of the pack so those behind me shouted to call the front runners back. We regrouped and I felt able to carry on. Thankfully I wasn’t far from home so managed the last couple of miles whilst trying to laugh the incident off. In fact I ran my fasted mile of the night after that which I supposed is the adrenaline kicking in.  Then I hobbled home to use a lot of antiseptic wipes to clean off all the mud and dirt, another one of the joys of falling over off road running.

After a week of hobbling round and showing my wounds to everyone I’m back running again, although I’m watching more carefully where I put my feet.

Millbrook Monster Recce Run

In a few weeks time I’ve got my first off-road race to run, I’ll be doing the  Millbrook Monster 10k, organised by Hyde Village Striders.  After hearing a few ‘tales’ about this race from people at running club, I didn’t want to turn up on the day, without familiarising myself with some of the route first.

The weather was nice last weekend so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a race recce. I didn’t realise how warm and humid it was though, if I’d known I probably would have put it off until later in the day. Starting from home my route ended up being about 8 miles in total with some extremely tough hills. It would have been longer but I walked the last mile and bit home to stretch out.

It was a hot, hilly and extremely tough run. Only my third since the marathon so I’m not surprised I struggled but it’s hard not to feel frustrated for running an average of 13min/mile pace. But at least I kept on going up those stupid hills. The views made it all worthwhile.